Application of the Fire Resistant Modacrylic Fiber


Due to its excellent properties, especially its peculiarity of pure textile materials, modacrylic fiber has a wide range of application.


  1. Upholstery fabric

  1. curtain
  2. furniture covering
  3. tapestry
  4. carpet
  5. decoration at hospitals, theatres and other public places


  1. Apparel

  1. specialty clothing and laboring garments for army and etc
  2. underwear and pyjamas for kids
  3. wool-like lining
  4. fireproof stuff


  1. Bed clothes

  1. carpet
  2. mattress
  3. bed-cover and etc.


  1. Embellishment in moving industry

  1. upholstery at trains and cars
  2. on planes(blankets, chair-covers, carpets and etc.)
  3. on ships


  1. Industrial used fabric

  1. special protective fabric
  2. cigarette filters
  3. tarpaulins for flameproof, leak-resistance and water-proof
  4. outdoor parasols, sunlight screen covers for doors and windows


  1. Fluff toys


The Photo of Fire Resistant Effect Collation

A (the left curtain): General Acrylic Fabric;

B (the right curtain): Fire Resistant Modacrylic Fabric;


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