(Bi-Co Yarn)

1. Equipments

Line 1: Spinning equipments for manufacturing conjugate yarn (POY)

Line 2: Spinning equipments for manufacturing conjugate yarn (FDY)

The two lines are used for producing conjugate yarn.

Polymer A: PET

Polymer B: CO-PET, PBT, PTT, PP, PA6

Conjugate type: side by side, sheath core, island sea (POY),

segmented pie (FDY)

Conjugate ratio: 3:7~ 5:5

2. Type

Spinning Melt spinning type

3. Quantity

Spinning equipments FDY 1 lines : 6ends/pos., 8pos./line

POY 1 line : 6ends/pos., 8pos./line

4. Main specifications

1) Product: Line 1 75-150den (DTY denier)

Line 2 50-100den

2) Spinning process

a) Extruder Type: Horizontal

(EXT) Driving method: AC invert

b) Pre-filter Type: Continuous operation

Filtration accuracy: 25μ

c) Spinning beam Type: Single side operation, two spinning beam side by

(SB) side blocked in one insulating cover

Design temp. : 350

Design pressure : Vessel 0.22MPa

: Polymer path

Before GP 25MPa

After GP 35Mpa

Heating type :Dowthern boiler

d) Gear pump (GP) Planet pump

Inlet port: 1

Outlet ports: 6

e) Spinning pack Type: rectangle, bottom loading, forced seal

No. of pack/pos. : 6 sets

f) Quenching stack Type: Cross flow, with filter and air regulating valve


5. Basic design

The following conditions are applied to the calculation of the manufacturing capacity.

Capacity of POY:

* Number of spinning position : 8 pos.×1line.

* Number of ends per position: 6 ends/pos.

* Denier: 75-150 (DTY denier)

* Operation speed: 3200m/min

* After drawing ratio : 1.5

* Operating days/year: 330d/a

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